Author Crooked Cat’s Cy Forrest



Rebuild Reset Reboot

I live in the south west of England with a very patient @grumblecat. I’m a regular visitor to Dorset, England, where my 5 Star Readers’ Favorite book, The Punished, is set. Britain was rebuilding after WWII, but not the Dorset village of Tyneham, occupied by the army since 1943.

I’m not writing for a tribe of white, middle-class readers, never have done. Where is this tribe? Not here. Not there. Not anywhere.

Contemporary, Literary Fiction. Stories at Mondays Are Murder (Akashic), Pif, Eclectica, Big Pulp and others.

Poems in The North, Iota, Seam and Blade amongst others. Prizes in the Yorkshire, Dulwich, Exeter and Berkshire competitions: What You Will See (Gatto, 2006)

Favourite writers: Magnus Mills, Franzen, Eggers, Eugenides, Munro, Carver, Kelman and Self.

Novel #2: Stop the World, I Want to Get On (aka The Marquis and Tiger Hugs: Authonomy closed Sept 2015).

Novel #1: Tony Blair: The Wilderness Years (Createspace, 2005).


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