The Punished

cropped-blogheader5star.jpgBased on the true story of the people of Tyneham and the people sent to occupy the village in 1943, The Punished is about eighteen-year-old radar operator Gin who becomes a member of the Special Operations Executive, dropping behind enemy lines in 1944 to destroy a munitions factory in France and then being captured.

In 1982, Gin’s daughter, City high-flyer Alexis doesn’t know who her biological father is. When she meets three veiled women at her mother’s funeral who want to know what happened to Gin in 1944, she realizes that’s not all she doesn’t know about her mother.

When she’s scattering Gin’s ashes in the deserted and ruined ghost village of Tyneham as requested in her mother’s will, she meets a loner who makes wild claims that chemical weapons are stored there. When he enters the live firing range his preoccupation becomes deadly.

**5/9/19 The Punished is currently out of contract and unavailable**

“Cy Forrest has crafted a story filled with intrigue and surprising turns and once the reader is introduced to the characters, there is no way they’d want to miss a moment with them. I was most attracted to Gin, a well-developed character, and readers will be interested to discover her subtle transformation from an effervescent young woman to one more mature and calculating, risking a lot for patriotism. The writing is awesome and the pacing measured. I enjoyed the dialogues, the well-developed setting, and the balanced and deft writing. The Punished is, without doubt, a work of great entertainment, a book with great psychological allure and emotional depth.” Readers’ Favourite 5 Star Review

“I came away with a new understanding of the world generally – which is one of the most wonderful things a book can do – namely how real lives get relegated to the past and what is remembered, whilst factual, barely scratches the surface of feeling what it was like to be one of these people in such extreme circumstances … We are fallible, partial and we see the world through our own filters. Added to that, forces are at work to deliberately obfuscate and bury the truth and ultimately, the full picture is forever out of our reach. However, this story allows one person to see a greater whole: the reader, which I think is an immensely powerful possibility.” – Cornerstones

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The Punished – Cy Forrest’s first novel in 12 years is a Readers’ Favorite 5 star novel. Read the full review here.