What You Will See

Prizewinning Poems 1995-2006

My first full length collection is available in Kindle ebook and paperback form for £0.00 with Kindle Unlimited. It includes all the favourites: Growing Tree, Between Two Schools of Thought, Company, Beyond the Wit of Man, Vanishing Point, Noah and many others.

Many thanks to the editors of small and not so small presses publishing in a time when ‘small press’ meant finding a newsagent with a photocopier (bring your own stapler). Written when Brexit was a mere abstract issue in Boris Johnson’s plan for world domination, the seeds of discontent are all there: class war, corporate bullying, progress, institutional racism, the gallows humour in office banter, urban life, north/south divide, prejudice, untrustworthy politicians, social concerns and climate change. There’s also plenty of wordplay.

My list of credits includes The North, Iota, Skald (ed. Zoe Skoulding), Seam, Blade, Yorkshire Poetry Competition, Exeter Poetry Prize (judged by Selima Hill), Yellow Crane, Helicon, Aabye’s Baby, Krax, Sunk Island Publishing, Unruly Sun, Rivet, Lateral Moves, Ramraid Extraordinaire, The Affectionate Punch, Purple Patch, The Wide Skirt, Braquemard and the fabulously named Terrible Work.

What You Will See: Prizewinning Poems 1995-2006
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