It’s My Shingles Not Yours (A reblog to remember Dave)

My friend Dave died suddenly on Saturday 3rd Dec, 2022, after writing in November about shingles. Best wishes to Dave’s family and friends. He wanted Likes and Reblogs, so here goes. Please share.

Am I Nearly There Yet?

It has indeed been a while. My last posting was on 1 May 2018. Four and a half years ago. ago. What can I say apart from my contrition is boundless?

It is not that I intended to leave it this long. My intentions have been exceptionally good and positive. It is just that, well……. I suppose at the end of it all apathy has to be admitted. But there are mitigating circumstances.

At the end of my last post (the one that starts off as a wild west story) I admitted to having a dose of shingles followed up with a condition known as Post Herpetic Neuralgia. It is this that has caused a great deal of excruciating pain around my middle and despite being told by medics that it will pass in a few months I am still suffering so what do you really know, doc?

My research…

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