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What You Will See (Prizewinning Poems 1995-2006)

My collection from 2006 is now available again for pre-order in Kindle ebook and paperback form.

It includes highly successful poems as relevant now as they were the day they were written: Growing Tree, Between Two Schools of Thought, Company, Beyond the Wit of Man, Vanishing Point and Noah. A34 Poems, my most successful poem to date, was written at the height of the violent backlash against climate change protestors who wanted the Newbury bypass stopped. We lost then, but thankfully, a new generation led by Greta Thunberg takes up the protest.

A34 Poems is in a long tradition of northern English ‘on yer bike’ poetry. On Yer Bike was a phrase attributed to Margaret Thatcher’s infamous Tory cabinet minister Norman Tebbit to describe what he saw as feckless northerners not getting off their backsides to find work. Matt Abbott, one of an exciting new generation of poets, has taken up the poetry tradition with his excellent collection Two Little Ducks, bingo slang for number 22, 22 miles being the width of the English Channel at its narrowest point, and the distance the Calais ‘Jungle’ migrants must travel to reach Britain. A34 Poems finishes with the itinerant Northerner who’s looking for work staring across the English Channel. What could possibly go wrong? Cue Brexit.

Sink estate. South shore.

He’s grimly learning permanence from the sea

In the seat of a Cortina

Reading the cross-channel ferry

Timetable, grounded.

Excerpt from A34 Poems by Kit+Cy, available for pre-order now.

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