Patrick Heron: Painter of Soul. A film by Robert Dunt

Recharging the Creative Batteries

Patrick Heron’s Cornwall

In a previous post I talked about the importance of my location in recharging the creative batteries. This film by Robert Dunt of really captures the creative optimism and engagement with my work that comes from living in such an inspiring place.

My comments on Patrick Heron: Painter of Soul (ArtTop10).

Great video, Robert, I really enjoyed it. You’ve captured the optimism, confidence and hope embodied in Heron’s abstract work, and the way the Cornish landscape and light lifts the creative soul. You did a great job. Heron’s ultimately conveying a feeling, a sense of a better world, and that feeling is entirely in the eye of the beholder. So what! Nothing can truly explain that feeling in rational terms as though it’s a science. It’s not science. There is no answer. Heron’s is the very best art (and Lanyon, Hepworth, Wallis, Pearce, Wynter, Barnes-Graham too). I write for a living, and I was in St Ives a month ago specifically to regain that confidence and optimism that oozes out of every one of Heron’s million brush strokes. The creative positivity about the place is what attracts artists and writers as much as light. Light, brilliance and engagement with my work all leads to confidence, and St Ives always helps me shed negative distractions and loss of confidence and puts me back on course. I’ll watch your film every day to revive that feeling now I’m back in the office. Many thanks.