Political Watch and the Fake Oxfam Crisis

Political Watch and the Fake Oxfam Crisis

This is why I love following politics. It throws so much light on the human condition. Is this what THEY really think about US? And I must add, don’t be fooled by THEM. I’m a Corbyn supporter, and I’m not fooled by the Tories.

There appears to be an official policy shift in the Tory coalition government towards the far right with front-bencher Penny Mordaunt threatening Oxfam and foreign aid generally with screaming headlines over all the red tops this weekend.

To recap, Penny Mordaunt is secretary of state for international development, a Rees-Mogg hard Brexit supporter, and one of the 50 zealots, according to Matthew Parrish’s revelations about who is running the government. Apparently, she’s not one of May’s supporters despite being in Prime Minister May’s cabinet.

So this appears to be a policy shift, but the sentiment is nothing new. Right-wing populist attacks on charities used to be confined to the inside pages of the hard right Daily Telegraph newspaper, but now it’s sadly mainstream. Or is it? Centre ground Tories must be very concerned now. Or are they?

Firstly, the Oxfam crisis is based on an old story. So why now? Well, basically, it’s not an official government shift to the right. The Department of International Development DFID stated, “Aid is good for the UK”, so they’re working both sides of the story, threatening Oxfam’s funding, pandering to the right, and maintaining their centre ground foreign aid policy at the same time. In other words, it’s a fake crisis dragged up by desperate politicians.

For example, why is there no pressure on May to change foreign aid policy from the media? Because, actually, it’s a trap for Corbyn, the leader of the opposition, who must be used to seeing ‘dead cats’ thrown into the room to misdirect the public by now.

The aim is to make Corbyn look hard left. Plenty of Corbyn supporters resent the high salaries paid to Oxfam directors. As soon as Corbyn is put under pressure to back the attack on Oxfam, he’ll be branded hard left, or if not, weak on sex pests, or if he sits on the fence, indecisive, or all three. Guaranteed, in the eyes of the media, he won’t be able to say the right thing.

So, it must be election year, because this fake crisis looks like the work of Lynton Crosby, the man the Tories pay to help them win elections.