The Routine: Crooked Cat’s Cy Forrest

A Writer’s Routines, Repetition and Rituals

What’s your favourite part of returning home after refreshing the creative battery acid?

Home is my studio, so I need a creative routine that separates the work and play lifestyle. Rituals are key. For example, my favourite part of the returning home routine is to turn off the M3 and see the first ancient white horse carved into the chalk hillside.

My mood changes and I can instantly visualize limitless possibilities. I’m very aware that the shaped landscape is someone long gone’s natural reaction to the nature of things, the curvature of the earth and the changing environment. It feels rad.

Can you explain?

In Stonehenge, I see thousands of years of creativity, the end of many journeys, of grinding hard work, contentment and a welcome symbol for the common wanderer.

It shows that people have always focused on expressing their connections using what’s around them. DNA tests on human remains at Stonehenge prove that people came here from far and wide. In an intolerant modern world, it’s good to know there is a connection with freedom of movement. When faced with the achievements of the past what’s not doable?

Cy Forrest’s coming-of-age book, The Punished, is out now.