Everybody else, not us.

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George Derringer

I don’t normally do this. Talking politics on the internet isn’t a game anybody should take lightly.

But today, for one lunch break only, I’m going to spout a few words.

It’s these newspapers that’s got my goat. Every damn morning it’s always covering the same thing, immigration. And I bet the hair on my head, you’re thinking I lived in your country. I’d bet if you were reading this in the US, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Canada, New Zealand, you’d pick up the papers and see the same thing daily.

But it’s not. This blog is coming from London, England. The original multi-cultural city.

Now, I don’t want to stick my nose into controls, into how many people should be allowed here or there, or what sort of regulations governments should put in place. The only thought I have is, STOP BLAMING OTHER PEOPLE.

If you’ve got a crappy…

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