Cy Forrest Was On Facebook Live

Who Was the Woman in the Video?

(PS- Sound isn’t working for everyone and I’m looking into it)

4 thoughts on “Cy Forrest Was On Facebook Live

    • Thanks for telling me. Sorry to hear that. It works on iPhone here. Facebook Live needs unmuting at the user’s end which is why they say hold up the sign, so I wondered what happened when it’s posted to WordPress. I wonder if others have trouble with it.


      • Yes, it also seems that bloggers are being forced away from content, like all these excellent blog, towards moving pictures. So in going with the flow, I wanted to do WordPress live but it’s not available to dot com users. Facebook live takes a huge effort and I’m not sure it’s worth it. I upgraded to WordPress Premium so I could post videos. So, I’m sorry. I’ll check the laptop later. The woman is Gabby Holyoak who was a formidable former WAAF. I could try subtitles!

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