Reading the Russian Revolution Challenge…

Reblogged. Feeling lazy. I wanted to do a blog on this subject because I recently heard a revisionist view of the 1917 Russian Revolution that was a defence of Tsarism. I’d just read that Hobsbawm said, “nobody could defend Tsarism”, but twenty years on, that’s what some are trying to do. So here are some great books that set the record straight thanks to Fictionfan, and be prepared in 2017 for the revisionists.

FictionFan's Book Reviews

Proletariat of the World, Unite!


2017 sees the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution that ushered in nearly a century of Soviet rule in Russia and its satellites and annexed territories, while its aftershocks still reverberate through the world today. It’s a period about which I know very little – I’m more aware of mid-20th century history as it relates to the USSR than I am about the period just before and after the revolution. So I have decided to set myself a little challenge to read myself into this period of history during the centenary year.


I’m going for a mix of factual and fiction, and since several of these books are monsters in terms of size, my list is pretty short. However, I’ve tried to come up with a selection that will show me the Revolution through the eyes of contemporaries, both supporters and opponents, and…

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