The quest for Jan van Boeckel continues in 2017



This is an episode in “the quest for Jan van Boeckel: From Holland to Bavaria

In the quiet of this frosty morning, I once again embark upon my quest. Snow has laid a gentle layer on the streets and rooftops. A blanket of freshness on the world, on this first day of 2017, a good day to restart my quest.

wp-1483267091087.jpgThe quest for Jan van Boeckel has been so intense this past year that I needed some time out. Now I am ready to return.

After having seen Dachau and Flossenbürg concentration camps, visiting family, and writing to countless archives in 2015, 2016 was a rollercoaster ride. Here are some of the things I experienced and saw:

It started with a visit to Haarlem with Jan’s two youngest sisters. They shared thier memories and showed me the places relevent to the Van Boeckels. Several times I returned to Haarlem during the year, visiting family, the dunes and other relevant places.


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