My Stories at Eclectica – Ten Years On

I was a spotlight author in the Jan/Feb 2006 issue of Eclectica, and ten years on my stories are still up and running and looking good thanks to Tom Dooley.

Swing Naked,  How They Looked at the Sun, and Roads That Go On and On seem to have worn well in the intervening decade.  A disaffected trailer dweller, a redundant man carrying out a suicide pact, and a paranoid security man still seem firmly locked in the now, going on and on, let’s say growing sharper with rust.

These are interesting and not altogether unpredictable times for people like me who’ve been blasting away unfashionably on the internet, writing fiction about another unknown world. I can only keep giving it both barrels. What more can any of us do? Editor Tom Dooley has an Eclectica Facebook group that must be supported right here, and I think I might even get submitting. Why not?