Tony Blair: The Wilderness Years eBook

cover_imgRMy first self-published novel (there haven’t been any others) was Tony Blair: The Wilderness Years (13th May 2005), and it’s now available as an eBook here for $1.40

What if you believe you are the real TonyBlair?

Tony “Bono” Blair is a bit confused. He believes he is the famed British Prime Minister of the same name, deposed after winning a third term. He’s lost the leadership of the Labour party, his marriage is over, and he believes he has superhuman powers. He also talks to a teddy-bear.

Things begin to look up for Tony when a letter arrives offering a position with McCreedie construction. Thinking he is taking over as CEO of a powerful NASDAQ company, Tony accepts the offer and travels to Scotland, hoping to meet the people, regain their trust, and use his new career as a springboard back into high office.

The new career isn’t all Tony had hoped, and he finds himself building a cement runway at Ardrossan International Airport. Hilarity ensues as Tony’s career in manual labor gets off to a rocky start. But Tony’s strength is his determination. He stumbles upon drums of hazardous chemicals and discovers that they contain additives that weaken the concrete and save McCreedie lots of money. Tony aims to blow the whistle on the weak concrete and be a hero, but his employer has other ideas.