First One Missing by Tammy Cohen

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first one missingWoe is me! And me! And me!!

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A child is missing and a serial killer is on the loose, so everyone is fearing the worst. And, indeed, the worst comes to pass. The parents unenviably now have the right to join Megan’s Angels – a support group set up by the parents of previous victims. Meantime, family liaison officer Leanne Miller should be contacting the earlier victims to make sure they don’t hear about the new murder from TV, but she’s busy lying in bed feeling sorry for herself, so can’t find the energy to make the phone call. Journalist Sally Freeland, however, is full of energy – willing to do whatever it takes to get a story, including sleeping with one of the bereaved parents. But to be fair, she was drunk at the time…

I hold my hands up – this was the final straw…

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