Youth and Students for Corbyn

In my capacity as one of the lucky working class students who went from a comprehensive school, to a technical college, and then onto polytechnic, at a time when there were student grants, I’m reblogging this request to help with the campaign for a free education.

The Labour Campaign for Free Education

We the undersigned student and youth activists are supporting Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign for Labour Party leader.

Whether it’s student fees and grants or the minimum wage, migrants’ rights or civil liberties, nuclear weapons or climate change, Jeremy Corbyn is the only candidate speaking to our concerns.

We will build support for his campaign among youth and student organisations, including the young members’ sections of our trade unions.

We encourage young people and students to sign up as party members or registered supporters to support and vote for Jeremy.


Shelly Asquith, NUS Vice President (Welfare) and UNITE
Rachael Ward, London Young Labour Executive and UNITE
James Elliott, Oxford University Labour Club Executive
Rida Vaquas, Young Labour National Committee
Liam McNulty, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP and UNITE
Freddie Seale, London Young Labour Executive and GMB
Max Shanly, Young Labour National Committee
James McAsh, London Young Labour, Labour Campaign for Free…

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