BBC Sings Embryonic Fascist Big Lie or Not

FB and BBC UkipMike Read’s ghastly satire, UKIP Calypso, has been removed at his own request. You can read the half-hearted apology here.

I’d like the BBC to apologise for promoting this as entertainment. Here’s a snapshot of yesterday’s social media frenzy promoting this Trending Now nonsense. DJ Mike Read Sings UK Calypso.

When I clicked on the link, the article changed to DJ Mike Read Defends UKIP Calypso, so the BBC were covered against accusations of promoting a lie and a racial slur in these lyrics:

“Our leaders committed a cardinal sin
Open the borders let them all come in
Illegal immigrants in every town
Stand up and be counted Blair and Brown”

It’s simply not true, and in associating all immigrants with illegality and a government-led left-wing conspiracy to open the borders deliberately to “let them all in” reminds me of Henry Ford printing and distributing a document he knew to be a hoax called the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The rest is history, and so is UKIP Calypso.

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