I Closed My UKIP Petition

Thank you if you signed my UKIP petition asking that UKIP drops its diktat to ban writing that “promotes multiculturalism”, and that writers should “promote one British culture”.

I closed the petition with 44 signatures still needed, and I’d collected 55, which isn’t at all bad.

I started the petition after my experiences on Authonomy, Harper Collins’s (or should I say Rupert Murdoch’s) website for aspiring writers.

I should have known better, but when an anonymous sock puppet asked me to take down my novel, in no uncertain terms, because it contained a West Indian and a Chinese character, I realised there was a problem.

This led me to discover UKIP’s diktat, and then I set up a failed petition.

I’m writing about the second world war at the moment.

My website and blog are now only visible by invitation.

Thank you for continuing to follow this blog.