Evening Laptops Are Glowing


Caro with laptop

It’s cold out, but inside laptops are lit, the stove is glowing, candles too, Phil and Kirsty are on the TV from earlier, and my eyes are blurred from the gym. I think it’s conjuctivitis, but I always get it and it goes away.

Looks like I’m going to have to watch Winterwatch tomorrow having been outvoted. I’ve got all day anyway (apart from a major dusting session that’s overdue). And it’s recycling day. Oh joy.

The thing is I don’t have any bright ideas bursting to be completed. It isn’t a week since I finished the Cornerstone manuscript, but I feel I’m in a strange position between ideas.

Maybe I should get a proper job. Maybe I should return to some ideas I had last year. Maybe I should get out more. I had a quick look at some notes I made back in June and nothing really grabbed me. Will I ever have another good idea? Will I ever get that motivation to write 73000 words in a year? How did I ever get that energy. At the moment I can’t even get out of bed.

Maybe I can check the links on my published stories. Some of them seem to break regularly. What if I find the e-zines ceased to exist? It has been a few years for some of them. I had been thinking of digging out some unfinished short stories. Two of them looked okay yesterday. I think I’m going to work on confidence before I set off on anything new just yet.

Living Room Selfie

Living Room Selfie

Well, I started watching Countdown. It’s one of the few programmes I watch every single day, although we’re lagging behind viewing by about two weeks. There’s one of those annoying Over 50? insurance adverts. Aren’t the current Countdown guests boring? Naming no names.