Going Back to the Old School

More updates on the progress of my old school as it slowly returns to nature. All photos by Caroline Toomey.

photo (6)

This land is owned

photo (5)

This grass is green

photo (4)

This paint is blue

photo (7)

This woodwork block

This soccer pitch

This soccer pitch


2 thoughts on “Going Back to the Old School

  1. Poor old Peel Moat school. Valuable land going to the highest bidder for yet more houses. Slowly reverting to nature aided by vandalism. Why the delay I wonder in building on it if it is inevitable XX


    • Never mind poor old Peel Moat, dad. What about us? And why the delay? To extend the metaphor, it’s a painful transition from public to private like Britain itself. Anyway, if you could defy the guard dogs and security men for me and nip over the fence with a tin of red paint and write in six foot capitals MY OLD SCHOOL 1973-1977, that would be a great bit of art / vandalism.


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