Impression of a Man (Poem) Blue Sky Thinking

Blue Sky Dissected by Telephone Cable

Blue Sky Dissected by Telephone Cable














Impression of a Man

He never saw it coming, never moved.

A JCB reversed right over him,

But the ground was soft and gave way

So he was pressed down,

Survived with minor bruising

And a sore back for weeks.


Some joker filled the hollow with concrete, let it set,

Lifted out a spread-eagled statue like a thief,

Painted on a smile for a bet,

Then stood it in the bar

For when he arrived,

Still shaking like a leaf.


It was a laugh.

A slap on the back

For those who saw it,

Those who wept.


Next day,

Behind the same JCB,

Someone pushed in its way,

The driver finding this unfunny.


First published Yellow Crane 4, Winter 1995/6