Ayn Rand and the Desperation of Capitalism

A name on the lips of new intellectuals such as Martina Navratilova on Desert Island Discs, is Ayn Rand, the novelist and pro-reason, pro-capitalist philosopher. Pro-capitalist hopefuls like Martina must be desperate for some new intellectual basis for their failed and discredited theories.

So is Ayn the one to save the Right? Repeat the phrase “professional intellectual” a hundred times and call it Objectivism, then hope to sell some books. The Ayn Rand Institute is clearly a force to be reckoned with, but seriously though, should we be worried that New White-Suited Intellectuals are coming to sweep away what remains of our collectively-funded nurseries, libraries and hospitals with their new Professional Intellectual ideas?

For Objectivism read Selfish.

And don’t say, “poor little me” to these people. They’d love to hear it.

However, the upcoming events for the Centre for blah blah blah Objectivism, don’t sound too confident.

July 13 – Las Vegas

Why Aren’t We Winning? Introducing a Powerful New Strategy to Win the War of Ideas

July 14 – Las Vegas

Debate: Does Capitalism Cause More Inequality? If So Is It Good or Bad?

July 14 – Las Vegas

Why We Are Losing—and How to Turn Things Around

I doubt Ayn Rand died in two minds about anything, and it does sound like they’re all living in the past on this one. Still, her novels are selling 800000 a year, so someone’s making money. Maybe Capitalism has another trick in its tail yet.

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