New Particle Discovery Confirms Theory It Exists

So does Higgs-Bosun exist or not? Confused?

Not surprising. The scientists at Cern are almost 100% certain they’ve found the particle they thought was there because the theory they created said it was there. Thank goodness I believe in the Large Hadron Collider and its ability to confirm theories.

I was never happy in my work in science and engineering. Too much belief in theories. It was so unscientific and lacking expression. It’s like being in a mad cult religion but without the art. Everyone wants an answer. Any answer will do. Just as long as it fits the formula.

Something tells me that if you go out to look for something to confirm your theory (or belief) that it’s there, you’re almost 100% certainly likely to believe you’ve found it. But good luck to them. They’re happy in their work. And spending billions on the LHC stops them creating weapons of mass destruction somewhere else.

But this tedious statistical work to find / prove the existence of the Higgs-Bosun reminds me of the many extremely mundane tasks you can be expected to persevere with if you’re ever unfortunate enough to get work in Science and Engineering. Just a few years of this kind of white coat nonsense, and any sane person would want to run screaming into an art gallery full of people poring over pink balloons, and kiss every single one of them.

Much more fun is to read the BBC report and exchange particle for potato. Higgs-Bosun is a good steamer apparently, but a bit high on GMs. Quite a lot high on GM in fact. I’m steering well clear of Higgs-Bosun.