Imagine a Car With Five Wheels!

Or a horse with an extra leg!

Or a light bulb that signifies a bright idea.

Or a robot that can walk upstairs backwards.

Or running naked into waves on a very cold day.

Or driving a VW camper van. No seriously! I mean it. Wow!

Or a mini adventure. It’s really tiny and there’s an adventurous element.

Or wearing a woolly hat on your AVI. Go on be a devil.

Or your neighbour’s faces when they see your car with five wheels.

Or old people. Smiling old people always sitting down.

Or a talking baby that has brand awareness.

Or flying without falling out of the sky.

Or dreaming without waking and forgetting the beginning.

Or a bank that opens sometimes.

Harness the power of that horse with an extra leg.

That’s bad PR, I know, but I’m reading Steve Jobs’s biography and one of many interesting moments was when Steve wirehead Wozniak wrote a spoof marketing PR campaign for a non-existent computer that apparently rivalled the Apple II. Jobs didn’t get the joke. Ever. The strap line was, “Imagine a Car With Five Wheels”. I cannot hope to spoof as well as Wozniak, but I am pleased to be able to harness the power of bad PR and bring you a plug for my novel Tiger Hugs which is soaring like an eagle in the sky on authonomy.

Imagine a world without clothes.

Release the inner you and completely overdo it.

Own something that others want so much they’ll kill you for it.

Be the envy of your neighbours and flaunt it.

The essence of life is a deodoriser.

Free the spirit and light a quasi-religious candle.

Imagination is only limited by the things that stop you imagining.

Personalise the number plate, now.

Be someone interesting for a day.

Don’t waste money on PR.

Tiger Hugs