Hypocrisy and the British

Maybe to underline my previous blog about hypocrisy of the British people regarding suicide of a former premiership footballer, the Top Gear generation’s ‘much-loved’ presenter Jeremy Clarkson makes a dreadful comment on the One Show about suicide. He asked what the point was in stopping a train when someone’s jumped in front of it. It’s not going to make them better. I can’t find the exact quote any more. I think Yahoo have pulled it. I don’t think the Samaritans will be asking him to front their next fundraiser.

The comment that’s making the news is his ‘executing striking pubic sector workers in front of their families’. Imagine saying that live on a family show. The exact quote has been removed by Yahoo, probably because Unison are threatening legal action. It wouldn’t upset me one bit to see Clarkson hung out to dry by the BBC. I really can’t stand the bloke.