Does Five-a-Day Apply to Vegetarians?

For a vegetarian, the five-a-day advice is akin to asking a marathon runner to walk to work. If we didn’t do five pieces of fruit and veg a day, we wouldn’t eat anything. A bit of bread and cheese perhaps.

So, I have an ongoing argument with my “five-a-day” preaching partner. We shouldn’t be doing five-a-day.

And here’s my case. There are five factors that should cancel out the five-a-day advice:

  1. We don’t eat meat.
  2. We go to the gym three times a week.
  3. We don’t overdo alcohol.
  4. Cake excess is unheard of.
  5. We don’t smoke.

Yep, we’re not normal, but that should mean we’re clear of the five-a-day advice that should only apply to normal people. How about one-a-day for vegetarians, just to show willing? It’s just a thought.