My New Rom Com Novel – TIGER HUGS on authonomy

Suki Chen never thought she’d hug a tiger until she discovered the Bar at the End of the Universe where anything is possible, even love.

Nineteen year old Suki Chen runs a takeaway next door to the Marquis of Queensbury, a pub run by bachelor Michael Powell, a landlord with a problem, and it’s not just running a pub in one of London’s least salubrious areas. Ruthless underworld boss Roland Bamber is intent on destroying them all. Fearing for their lives, Suki, tattooist Macy May, Michael, his business partner Damian Bones and long-time Marquis residents Gripper and Monty, hit the road in a battered yellow van that turns out to have an extraordinary facility for propelling them into uncharted territory … first Sicily, and then Africa where Suki gets to fulfil her first wish.

Gripper and Monty unveil a new musical act, only for Macy to interrupt their performance in the most unexpected fashion. Smuggled out of Africa, they find themselves entertaining troops in Baghdad. England soccer pro Nathan Ryan ill-advisedly persuades them to serve alcohol and in the ensuing mayhem, they make another hasty exit. Ryan invites them to play at his bar and on their first night, lines up for England in the soccer World Cup final against Germany. When he misses, trouble starts and Suki reveals her secret weapon.

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