Monday – It All Kicks Off, the Footy That Is!

But instead of watching Manchester City’s opening game on Monday evening, I’ll be paying my fiver and standing in the rain this afternoon watching a load of overgrown schoolboys just back from their hols kick lumps out of each other and exchange pleasantries. I have missed it.

So to celebrate the start of the football season, I changed the theme of everything to Super Mario. The boy was 21 last week. All the Facebook comments he received were along the lines of, “Grow up, Balla!” which seemed a little harsh on his birthday. Who wants to be reminded that they should grow up on the very day they’re reminded that they’re growing up? Not me.

I’ll stand by him though, through thick and thin, t’ highs and lows, ups and downs, misses, goals, mishaps, off-the-balls, silky skills, the transfer list. No! It will be better than that.

Here are Manchester City’s fixtures.