I’m Back, in Domain Name At Least

Sorry for any inconvenience as Not So Great Western say. After an expensive experience renewing my domain name that was expired, I’m back, but also with ianduncansmith.com, because I couldn’t resist owning another domain with my name on it. But how am I going to remember to renew my domains a year from now and avoid the dreaded expiry?

So what have I been doing. I’m writing a genre novel under a different name and wearing a heavy disguise. I won’t be writing any spec fic, sci-fi, horror or bizarro for a while, although I wonlt be saying that on my specficstories blog. It’s a secret. I decided on a change in direction after finally selling one sci-fi story to add to the other 30 or so that were published without payment. It’s a very short effort and it will be out next year. The sparse, original, unusual horror stuff is on hold for now though, sadly, because that’s what I like doing.

My final effort, a sci-fi / bizarro / horror novel that I started in 2008 is still out there awaiting sentence at various agents and publishers while they poke it with a stick to fathom out exactly what it is. I have had one rejection so far, but the others seem reluctant to reject it, or else they just can’t be bothered. More as it happens.