The Two-Headed Gorgon is Out of the Bag

The Tories have really unleashed some nasties with the housing benefit cap fiasco. Everyone knows of a family nearby living it up at the expense of the state but that’s life. And housing benefit has doubled. We got good value for that though. Remember the homelessness of the 80s and 90s? My journey into London via Waterloo involved stepping over sleeping bags at Hungerford Bridge. Then Labour came in and got people off the street and into housing. Boris Johnson might be right.  It smacks of ethnic cleansing. Just how far right are this lot going?

Today the water was supposed to be off. “The supply will be interrupted between 11 and 4” said a letter from the French owned water company. But it never went off and now I’m going away for a week, so if it goes off tomorrow who knows what might happen to the promised 30 minutes of unsightly but harmless sediment that was going to overwhelm me unless I flushed it through the system. I phoned the 0845 and reached a man who insisted the letter said “might”. “No,” I said. “Will!” It said “Will!”. So in true Larry David style I called him a douche bag and thanked him for being such a pain in the ass. I live near a well. I can go without their filthy expensive water.

Sir Alan Shitter, the chief of the blue tits that dominate my bird feeder was looking pretty pissed off yesterday staring at his miserable reflection in the empty feeder. That’s the price you pay for trying to dominate the bird world with your half-baked theories of street capitalism! He does look a bit like the bearded TV freak and is so named because he craps on the others and flies off. But then I discovered bird seed 99p for 1,5 k and relented. Not that I spend all day gazing at blue tits on a bird feeder, but you can learn a lot from nature, kids.