DLL Missing Or Can’t Be Bothered

Two stories submitted this week, not today of course, don’t be silly, it’s Friday and it’s wash day in the exciting and glamorous world of Speculative Fiction. One story went to an old established “difficult” market, one of Duotrope’s “most challenging” ie they can’t be arsed to even reply, and another went to a “fledgling” which conjures images of bright-eyed students blinking with disbelief at their out of control inbox. It was a good idea at the time, a bit like my stories.

That’s why I like fledgling markets. If only I’d persevered with Silverthought. They accepted Zoom Products way back in 05 when they were deemed “fledgling”. I sort of drifted away. Now Silverthought is a publisher and they pay for contributions, but I remember them when they were small.

I was going to apply for the Wooda Arts award which sounded perfect, but it turned out to be far too much about running a “practice” and I’ve never been commissioned to do anything. However, it did lead me to an artist’s website and I really fancy setting up something similar that this blog runs off rather than have the blog as the main page, hence the “not yet” message at the top. I had a few ideas with photos, went to Gifcon but suddenly it wouldn’t  run. Some kind of DLL is apparently missing. I say suddenly. It’s a few years since I used it. I can’t see how a piece of software can go off though. No doubt they put some time bomb in it so you have to buy it again.