How Many Writers to Change a Lightbulb

I finally managed to change a lightbulb in one of these stupid downlights. It’s not the type with a clip, but one you have to lever out of the ceiling, at least I think that’s what you do. That’s what the box in B+Q said. We both tried twisting and prodding the tiny dead bulb, but it only came out once the whole downlight had been prised away using a knife and was hanging from the ceiling. I imagined someone would walk in and switch it on just as I was removing it. Who invented these stupid things and why?

The roof space has reached new heights of grizzly misery even too graphic to describe here. Hoping for a severe frost to kill off whatever’s up there.

I did manage to send a story off to a fledgling magazine in Michigan, it being Tuesday and a suitable day for submitting stories in my scheme. I searched Crime Noir in Duotrope and came back with 12 markets. I’m always criticising submission guidelines. I was sidetracked by Storyglossia, a magazine on my NO NEVER AGAIN IN A MILLION YEARS list because they wait three months and then send a standard response ending with OFF. They say:  “Crime/noir, Sci-fi, Speculative, Horror, and Fantasy are considered, but (WAIT FOR IT!!) keep in mind that these are not the editors’ area of expertise” Not? Well why mention them? Timewasting editors are the pits. What makes someone list a whole set of genres they know nothing about. That’s like a sign on a fishing pond saying,  “Pike, perch and trout are freshwater fish but keep in mind there aren’t any here.”