Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire

“Tinkle tinkle clank, what a lot we drank” to (mis)quote Wendy Cope. As the crash and rumble of recycling starts up, it must be Friday.  A week since the move and the dust has already developed into tumbleweed. With no carpets to soak it up, the stark reality is Hoover or die in a dust avalanche.

I just watched BBC 4’s Jimi Hendrix: Voodoo Child, still available on i-player. In his own words it reveals a small part of the intense method behind the effortless playing. Hendrix flows because he actively “banished negative thinking”. He never looks at his guitar nor do you notice wrong notes. On Radio 3 Nigel Kennedy’s cover of Little Wing is often played. Hendrix is no Nadia Boulanger, but there’s much more to Hendrix than simple Extra-Terrestrial Rock God.

Speaking of banishing negative thinking, I hope to banish Vodafone. They claim I live in a mobile phone black spot. In fact it’s a Vodafone black spot. Caroline was left standing at the station due to a text that’s still not appeared.