For Worst Results Throw These Instructions Away

I just moved house and after a day of watching boxes pass the window I found a giant pack of frozen peas that had defrosted in the unplugged fridge.  Eat them all or throw them out? That was the question. I decided to eat them all of course. The instructions on the pack said, “For best results cook from frozen.” No mention of the worst results but presumably by inference the worst result would be achieved by stamping on them, leaving them outside before firing them up under a blowtorch. Anyway they were fine.

BT Broadband has something similar, “For setting up BT Broadband follow the Quick Start Guide.” Well actually I wanted to savour the experience with the Slow Start being a connoisseur of Broadband installation. I couldn’t find the Slow Start Guide anywhere but I expect trying to lure it out of the box by playing it a tune on a didgeridoo would be the pretty slow option.

My blog has the same quirk. It has a Quickpress option. Why would I want the Quickpress option? I’m happy to blog the old slow way. Anyway, I’m sure it’s a feature to be avoided. Blog quickly and regret it sooner with Quickpress.

One thought on “For Worst Results Throw These Instructions Away

  1. Some hilarious moments in your items. Really enjoyable
    A swear word sneaked in ! Not good! Your extensive
    knowledge of the English language should provide you
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