UK Unemployment Rises Again

Despite Labour’s spending, unemployment rises, and yet the Tories can’t wait to swing the axe on public services making many millions more unemployed. Go figure! This is just plain selfish stupidity, but not without precedent. Howe’s first centralising budget under Thatcher took out an estimated 13 million jobs in steel, mining, health and (in my case), the UK infrastructure. I was a recently graduated Civil Engineer in my first job in Swinton, Salford, working on NEC’s previous Labour government subsidised silicon chip factory in Livingston. I think they pulled out of Britain in the end. I wish I had.

Looking round me at the time, it was insane. I was surrounded by Tories who were so mad they couldn’t link Tory political dogma to their own pitiful situations. They were all ten years older than me and they had no chance in retraining. I was lucky and got on a Manpower Services Commission course in IT having failed to get onto grad IT training at BA and hosts of others like Rolls Royce, all going down the pan with thousands of graduates clamouring for training places.

Tories destroy what Labour sets up to help ordinary people. It comes from the pseudo-logical ethos of the privileged few, that people are improved if they’re forced to struggle. It’s no surprise that people who made it on their parents’ cash usually spout this nonsense. Hold on Britain. Here come the Toffs again.