Former Tory Leader's Grandfather Was a Blacksmith

Packed to the rafters

Packed to the rafters

What joy it is to pop on your slippers and stay in with a cup of Horlicks to watch TV. Here’s a sneak preview of the sort of thing we can look forward to:

7pm Antiques Road Show. This week the experts go overseas to the famous Vatican City in Italy. You’ve got your Canalettos, your Bacons and your famous Popes large and small. There’s more gold leaf than you can shake a stick at and Fiona gets a surprise when a stuffed Galapogos island finch once owned by Darwin leads her to doubt the existence of God…in the Vatican! Priceless!

8pm. Lark Rise to Candleford. The story of how simple white folk from humble beginnings went on to rule the world to this day. This week Mr Timmins has something to say when Dorcus is accused of running a lesbian matriarchy in the post office. Pious Thomas is emasculated when a parcel of Galapogos Island finches goes missing. But Dorcus dips into her copy of Darwin’s The Origin of Species to solve the mystery. Warning: contains strong anachronistic language.

9pm Who Do You Think You Are? There’s a surprise in store for the former Tory leader Ian Duncan Smith when he discovers his great great grandfather was quite literally a lowly blacksmith. Last week, Margaret Thatcher was surprised to find that her great great grandfather was quite literally a lowly mender of thatched roofs. It’s no surprise that the rich and famous queue to have their family trees investigated in this truly riveting programme.

10pm Victorian Farm. Ruth uses a contraption that revolutionised the way we made cake and ate it, while the boys are out in the fields raking it in with a machine that revolutionised the way we raked things in. As well as the Cake Revolution and the Raking Revolution, they also look at the Horse Revolution which revolutionised the way the Victorians put themselves about, a revolution that still affects the way we have grown to live so comfortably and smugly to this day.

11pm Darwin’s Island. Down to the last four in this captivating and sometimes grisly reality island contest that separates the men from the boys. This week the contestants are set a task to finally decide who will reign supreme over the others, and a food fight breaks out around the camp fire when the milk runs out.

You get the idea