No One's Bothered What You Look Like

It’s the worst advice ever. I just read about Google changing their big G favicon. That’s the microscopic 16×16 box that appears before the URL and next to the subscription box if you use feed reading software like Netvibes. My blog didn’t have a favicon, so I thought about setting one up. It’s all about appearance after all, a lesson I learned out hiking recently when I repeatedly bumped into the last person I’d want to bump into while out hiking, Laurence Llewellyn Bowen. He really was the complete dandy in his brown suit, high collared shirt and huge cuffs. I’d stopped for a pint in his local. I was wearing a pair of mud splattered half-mast desert combats and a brown C&A acrylic sweater. People always say, “It doesn’t matter what you wear. Everyone looks the same.” What do they know?