Attack!!!! 8 Is Out Now

My new copy of Attack!!!! 8 has just arrived from Wes White, and very good it is too. Here’s how to get your copy:

“Subtitled “Response: White” because it’s made up of responses to my piece from issue 5, which you can attempt to read here if you like:

These responses include an audio track of Johanna van Fessem reading (and singing!) the original piece, a work of sound by Rarg, illustrations from Tor Freeman and Gethan Dick (hers is interactive), and writing from regular contributors Ruth Moog Baker, George Galbraith, Steve Leighton, Chris Murray, Ben Platts-Mills, Ian Duncan Smith and Erica Viola.

Here are some of their own websites: /

Here is the issue’s own page:

Some people have had problems trying to subscribe over the last 48 hours – these should now be fixed! If you’d like to try again go straight here: