Two Pitiful Views of Humanity – Friction Fiction 43

I just posted a new podcast show. I put this show together around the two poems I’ve had published at Surprising, and Bewildering The Aura Seekers, and The Righteous Wrong. I wrote them back in May.

The Aura Seekers is all about self-centered people who think a lot of themselves. The Righteous Wrong puts the boot in too. It’s all about people who justify doing really bad things by disassociating themselves from it. Two pitiful views of humanity.

So I needed some better views for balance.

Tom MacNiven’s great song Moment, “captured in a moment of fleeting affection, love you like a smile in the rain” analyses a brief state of consciousness. Tom’s song is a sun lamp in the middle of my dark room.

Martin McLaughlin’s beautiful song Goodbye is also about the “right here right now.” I love this song: “What if time stops right here right now?”

Virginia Evans haunting Little Bird is all about things no one can see, but have to believe in. The “triumphant fool” who loses friends in her poem Argument should have listened to Stefan Picard’s warning to slow down in Slow Dance.

And finally, Plastic Dave’s observations about drinking habits in El Presidente rounds off the picture of humanity.