African Music On Myspace

If ngoni, calabash, balafon, and cora mean anything to you, you’ll love these Myspace links.

Balla Kouyate

Kadialy Kouyate

Wali Cham

Cora Meets Balafon Mamadou Diabate

Daouda Diabate Plays DabaBa on the Tusia Balafon

I play a 10 note balafon from Ghana, like the one in the picture, brought into the UK by Ghana Goods. However, I don’t play anywhere near as well as Moussa Diabate. The explanation below the video shows why I don’t play as well as Moussa Diabate. Moussa Diabate speaks on the Sambla balafon. His playing is awesome.

I’ve been playing the balafon for quite a few years. I followed a tape of riffs, none of which go anywhere near Moussa’s riffs. I have one original riff, which I recorded and uploaded here. I had a lot of trouble recording the balafon. I held the mike an inch above the keys with gaffer tape. It’s pitiful stuff in comparison to these guys, but I enjoy playing.

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