Facebook More Like Faceache

I just set up Hold It Up For Ridicule in the excellent social networking site Facebook after The Guardian did a suspiciously one-sided promotion in The Media Guardian claiming it had some proper media content. I suspect it simply means The Fat Controller of the BBC has persuaded BBC staff to use it, and makes important announcements on it, such as: “Five Live, you’re all relocated to the Orkneys.”

The Media Guardian is usually more questioning about the content of social networking sites, but this was a plug for Facebook as superior to Myspace. I’ve had three sites on Myspace for years. It has great indie songwriters, authors, poets, and bloggers. There’s no content on Facebook. After 200 pages of the Bristol network’s “My drunken pics”, I grew a little bored with Facebook’s self-centred brigade. Anyway, at least I put some content on it. Now I know why Jo Wiley, the oldest teenager in town, uses it to “meet freaks like me” and so on.

Caroline noticed everyone at work talking about Facebook this morning. Someone has been doing some good PR.

Incidentally, I once made the mistake of joining Bebo. Great for SYPs (strange young people) who think they’re black and spk lk dis aw da time. People I talk to on Myspace don’t do that. After a week on Bebo I got a message from an eight year old girl asking me why “an old man” was on Bebo, nudge nudge wink wink. It was obviously an old copper chasing pedophiles. I looked at the sites on Bebo. They’re all supposedly eight year olds in swimsuits, all looking exactly the same, and photographed in the same room. I decided to take my serious songwriting, and fiction content off.