UK Jail Crisis, Mind Control, and the Missing Millions

I’ve always had this strange idea that Britain must have its own “disappeared.” Where could millions of angry steel workers, miners, and dockers have gone? In 1981, at the time of Geoffrey Howe’s disastrous budgets, there was huge civil unrest. It was on a scale now forgotten. The worst riots were Toxteth, Moss Side, Brixton, but I lived in Stockport, and I know that even small fry Mersey Precinct was looted. All towns in the north had riots. At the time, I remember speculating that someone will have to set up secret detention centres where they take the disaffected millions and brainwash them into running allotments growing giant marrows.

Where did all that anger go? Well, there is a theory going around that a dangerous primitive tribe of apes still lives amongst us in nearly human form, and that the huge levels of anxiety experienced by some comes from primeval fear of these dangerous primates. A response to fear is anger. Anger is what happens when the brain is disengaged and the survival gene takes over. Anger and violence is ape language. An ape can beat you in a fight, but it can’t out think you.

A daytime self-help TV programme I saw recently accepts that there is pressure on the streets in Britain to “disengage brain”, and that the way the “superior tribe” will win is by keeping the brain engaged. Not that easy. Anyone with an anger management problem will confirm it’s not that easy. Strange stuff, but how else can Britain’s crazy dangerous pointless anarchic senseless post-Thatcherite streets be explained? Compare the high level of violent crime in Britain to low levels in Portugal, Italy, France, and Spain. The UK is in serious crisis. Our out of touch, Manse educated, 18th century, aristocratic , right wing, neo-liberal government is unaware of it.

But getting back to where the missing millions are. Today, Britain’s jails are officially full. There are 81000 people in prison. Is this the full story, or are we getting tip-of-the-iceberg news? Has the media event been created by government, and the real story is completely different? The numbers don’t add up. Maybe Britain’s real unofficial prison population is in millions, and what we’re seeing on Britain’s streets is the by-product of some kind of thirty year old government mind control programme. We have a population turning on itself whereas in 1981, people were united against the government. Crazy? Look at this blog about Cathy O’Brien, who claims she was sold into the US government’s MKultra programme.