Tony Blair: The Wilderness Years Is Coming

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Here are some recent reviews:

“TONY BLAIR: THE WILDERNESS YEARS is bloody astonishing! Reminds this author that The Independent need be read more thoroughly. The drinks machine, the short staff, wow. Proof that freedom of speech is alive, doing quite well in the UK. Now tell me, Scotland is not your wilderness, oh poor things.” Alabama Courier / T Tefffom

“An entertaining (and wicked) piece. Having been attracted by the premise and your sharp pen, the words just slipped by in company with the time. I felt a great sympathy for your Tony Blair as one does for any unfortunate who has visions of grandeur and/or is plain bonkers. The self-deception that permeates this character leads me to suspect mental illness, but it would be rude of me to suggest that instead of transportation to the wilds of Scotland, such a person should serve in the European Parliament alongside other fellow-sufferers. A very good and amusing read. Thank you.”- Len.

“If you’re looking for a serious, in-depth account of Blair’s decline from great white hope of the British people into a posturing poodle of the US administration, don’t read this book. On the other hand, if you like fast moving comic adventure with a satirical slant, then it’s definitely for you. Tony Blair: The Wilderness Years chronicles the Scottish adventures of a man who think he’s Tony Blair, a man on a mission in a sinister and alien tartan world, a world that doesn’t really appreciate Tony’s unique talents. Read it for its good plot and sly political sideswipes, as well as the very funny and recognisable portrayal of our esteemed leader as you’ve never seen him before – and probably never will again. ” – A reader from Berkshire.

Decide for yourself, Tony Blair: The Wilderness Years is out now. ISBN: 1-4196-0573-9 Paperback 344 pages. Buy it now

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