Beyond This Mortal Plane Blog

Is it possible to send this trackback comment to John Thiel’s Yahoo 360 blog Beyond This Mortal Plane? I have a Yahoo ID, so it should work, but it looks as though Yahoo 360 blogs don’t connect to the blogosphere. I was able to subscribe to the feed in my Netvibes home page, but tag searches showed up nothing. Does Yahooo 360 send out no tags? What is the point of a blogging tool that doesn’t actually connect to the wider blogosphere?

When I was looking for a blog that actually conversed with the outside world, I set up a Technorati search, posted a blog entry in whatever I was testing, and waited to see whether Technorati found it. I won’t name all the blogging tools I got through to get to WordPress, but since November I have been blogging my novel to the Blogster community, but not to the outside world. When I tried to claim my blog in Technorati, I found out that my Blogster blog was only staying within the Blogster community I was a little peeved. A lot of hard work goes into blogging, and there is nothing worse than getting your blog looking good, getting several months archived, only to find no one’s reading it. So try to claim the blog in Technorati before blogging. It’s a technical challenge, but if it works you know the world can see it.

So that’s enough on writers writing about the technical world of blogging. No wonder only IT blogs are top of the popular blogs in Technorati.