Long Way to Go

Yesterday’s blog about the war between evolutionists and intelligent designists inspired a poem. I started it yesterday, and came back to it today. Here it is:

Long Way To Go

Evolutionists are asking me
To fight Creationists
Who are teaching kids
Intelligent Design
As a scientific theory.

Creationists are asking me
To fight Liberals
Who are teaching kids
As a religious belief.

I do not like being asked to take sides
In a war between fundamentalists.
I am not a believer.
I do not follow one faith or another.

Tying people to stakes and setting them alight is not my cup of tea.
I would like to know why my father said he was looking up
From six feet below the ground one day.

His out of body experience was a premonition of terrible depression.
Science has a long way to go.
Humankind has a long way to go.