What If People Argued That Gravity Is Only a Theory?

I found this great blog on Digg: Ze Ace’s Tech Spot, Caveman Theories which confirms lots of my prejudices.

“Next time someone is arguing for teaching Intelligent Design in school don’t try to defend the facts of Evolution. Point out how Intelligent Design is not a scientific theory. Reducing the teaching of Evolution in school doesn’t just hurt Evolutionists, it slows down scientific progress and prevents everyone from benefiting from its discoveries.”

Wow, that’s war talk. This schism, Evolutionists versus Intelligent Design, is dangerous. It occurs amongst desperate fundamentalists, and belongs to previous centuries when people, such as Latimer, Ridley and Cranmer were tied to stakes and burned alive for their beliefs.

There is nothing wrong in asking what scientific progress really brought us. What have the Romans done for us? What was the point of twentieth century modernity? Is that really the end to spirituality? Is that really good? These doubts lead to a new term for our age, Post Modern. I know, it’s very hard to take, but we are very much moving away from the Age of Reason.

So why are people teaching Intelligent Design as a scientific theory when it seems to (if you’ll excuse the pun) fly in the face of what was once the accepted Evolution? Well, this generation is starting to see the first signs that scientific progress is actually slowing, and this is represented gloriously by the first backward evolutionary step in the history of humankind, the world’s fastest airline, Concorde being taken out of service. Humankind just hit the brake, and for very good reasons.

Science is based on facts alone. The problem is, science is running out of facts. They’re a bit like real estate, nobody is building new facts, and we need facts. So humankind suspects science is moving towards being a belief in the absence of new facts, as the Caveman Theory blog shows. It says, join sides, fight back, just like Christians did when faced with a lack of facts about the existence of God. In fact, they tied people to stakes and burned them alive. Beware of this schism.