I Submitted New Poems

I just read fellow poet Marissa Ranello’s Is It Saturday Already? blog. I’d just submitted some new poems as well. Not ony that, I submitted them to Canadian online magazines too. I had some big inspiration on Wednesday when I saw a wild blog in my Technorati Life Writing feed. I am not going to reveal my muse, but I wrote three poems, not exactly the whole collection I would have liked to write, but I felt they were a little different to my usual poems. After coming back to them a few times, I decided to send them out. The mag rejected some last time saying they were “very droll” but not for them. They asked to see some more. They have published three of mine already. I didn’t plan to write poetry. There comes a time when the thoughts just become poems. I have put Friction Fiction on hold to allow space for writing. So far so good. Marissa, good luck, with the poems.