Tedious Site Problems

What a miserable day. My other Powweb site Hold It Up For Ridicule started crawling on Monday. Powweb promised it would be fixed, then it groaned to a standstill today. At least I managed a spoof about the government’s plans to go nuclear. I was waiting five minutes for each save. While wondering what could be slowing it, I found someone spamming the unused forum. They were having a great time posting hundreds of automated spams linking back to their sites to boost their Google rating. I switched off the forum, and it made me wonder whether the site was being slowed deliberately to hinder the progress of this spammer.

Before that I started a poem which went really well. It will be on the next Friction Fiction.

What else? Beatles guitar practice for Tuesday. No time for much else really.

My other activity is going to visit a grave each morning. More about that some time in the future.