Inspired Busy Writing Stuff

I wrote some fiction today with a specific aim, and great fun it was. It’s ages since I wrote fiction. I hope something comes of it. What else? Another collaborative idea. I started a song going, but I’m hoping someone else will finish it. It was a difficult riff, but it went down well on mp3. More about that in the future. I started a spoof blog about the environment. I must try to make my spoofs more friendly. I think they come across as a bit mean. The great spoof by J-Walk on the Nigerian Email Convention is a classic gag that stays light. Satire in itself can just look mean, especially the Britney and Hilton gags. I saw someone talking about a piece on Digg and they said, “This is a bit satirical but he knows his stuff”. They were talking about someone else, and the piece was hardly satirical. But it made me think, does anybody really like satire? At least I get a few Diggs for mine. I listened to Mike Bennett’s first new podcast, The Bonus Track. It’s good. Mike does the excellent One Among the Sleepless. I’m going to write a contribution for TBT. Bye for now. My, it’s late.