Lethargic Disinterested Demotivated

That’s how I feel returning to blogging and podcasting and spoofing and block deleting spam after a great week in the south-west. Dartmoor and Cornwall were fabulous. It was like June. I can’t remember a better spring. But now I’m back, and cranking this blog machinery back to life.

I had a great reply from my Creative Writing teacher about Cho Seung-Hui. She told me to look at the writing of Blake Morrison who made similar (better put) comments about Cho’s oddly dramatic plays in The Guardian.

Caroline had a small review of the Dartmoor Inn Lydford published in, guess where? The Guardian on Saturday 28th. She sent it to the Readers’ Restaurants page back in Feb, so it was an unbelievable coincidence that it was published, wait for it, on the day we returned to the Dartmoor Inn. Sadly, we couldn’t get a Guardian down in the south-west that day, so we never knew about it till today. It’s odd that we always buy a Guardian on Saturdays, apart from that one day. But never mind, it’s a great little review.

I just posted my Hold It Up For Ridicule spoof news item on the Queen’s trip to the US. I had fun making those track names up.

I screwed up a track on Friction Fiction 40. I had the wrong artist. I must get back and sort it out, apologise, re-record it, whatever. I don’t plan to restart FF till I get some writing projects under way. Speaking of which, it’s time to get that writing project under way.